Unicycle Academy and Community


Our professional unicycle show is designed to bring excitement to your event!


Our show incorporates the very best of unicycling, including jaw-dropping jumps, incredible feats of balance, as well as BMX-style tricks. An unforgettable experience for any audience!

Our team riders showcase different unicycle styles: from extreme stunt riding to artistic freestyle and mountain unicycling. The show is set to music and features an MC to guide the audience through the breath-taking stunts.


Our show is designed and performed by a team of world-class unicyclists. All riders have extensive show experience and have competed successfully at national and international competitions. Our team includes current UK and World Champions!


Our standard show comes in two variations: with running times of 10 or 20 minutes, respectively. However, we are happy to adjust our show to suit your event.

Our show features four riders and one MC. 



A flat, hard-standing ground of minimum 6 m by 6 m.