Unicycle Academy and Community


UnicycleSkills is a Community

We love unicycling and we want to share our passion with you! UnicycleSkills aim to promote unicycling and make it accessible to a wide variety of people.

Unicycling is a sport with a very friendly and open-minded community. At UnicycleSkills, everyone is welcome. We share the same common interest, stand for the same values, such as community spirit and fair sportsmanship, and would like to pass them on. We strive to create long-lasting ties between our students and the wider global unicycling community.

Learn more about how you can get involved in the UnicycleSkills Community.


UnicycleSkills is an Academy

Our unicycle courses and displays aim to showcase our rather unknown sport to more people. We offer people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to try it out and learn new skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

At UnicycleSkills, we acknowledge that learning journeys are highly individual. Our experienced coaches cater to different personalities and learning styles, while at the same time promoting teamwork and group cohesion.

This approach allows us to offer alternative forms of sports education, promoting character development and team building in students of all ages and backgrounds. 

Learn more about our course formats for individuals, small groups, clubs, schools and events. 

UnicycleSkills is a Show Team

We aim to demonstrate the diversity and excitement of our little-known sport with our world-class show team.

All our show team riders are national and international champions, bringing the best of unicycling to an event near you!

Want to have our incredible show at your event? See our show page for more information.