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We get asked this question a lot and the answer is: it depends!
Everyone learns at different speeds. Some people are lucky and can learn in a few minutes while others might have to spend more time practising. Our courses are designed to assist your individual learning process and make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible.

The IUF is the international governing body for unicycling. The IUF holds information about unicycling, unicycle competitions, world records and skill levels. It also releases updates of the rulebook used for unicycle competitions.


The Union of UK Unicyclists was founded in 2001 to promote unicycling as a sport in the UK. Since that time, it has taken a lead role in the unicycling community, organising conventions, setting up rides, and promoting the scene.


Meet other riders and chat about unicycling on the UK Unicycle Chat Facebook Group


British Muni Weekends are ad-hoc off-road events organised sporadically throughout the year around the UK. 



STFU London is a collective of urban unicyclists whose goal is to grow the urban unicycle scene in the UK. They organise monthly group rides up and down the country.


Unicycle.com have a helpful maintenance section.


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