Unicycle Academy and Community


Our aim is to always guarantee the safety of all our participants to the best of our ability and belief while helping them to develop their own safety skills.

Teaching philosophy: In order to achieve the greatest possible safety and to teach safety skills, we introduce our students to movements and exercises step by step, prepare them specifically for upcoming tasks and ensure that they have control over their movement situation at all times.

Place: The location used for learning to ride is very important. We advise students on what and where the ideal safe space to learn is. 

Unicycle: Unicycles come in many shapes and sizes. We have years of experience building and maintaining unicycles in order to make sure they are in a safe condition to ride. We always ensure that students’ unicycles are fit for purpose and in a safe rideable condition prior to the start of a course.

Footwear: One of the main points of contact with your unicycle is your feet, so footwear is extremely important. We make sure that all students use appropriate footwear while riding and we can advise on the most common popular shoes for each type of riding.

Protective equipment: There are many forms of protective equipment available while learning to ride. Helmets are mandatory while participating in all of our courses. While not essential, other forms of protective equipment are strongly advised and can help with confidence while learning, especially on more technical skills. 

“How to fall”: Contrary to popular belief, unicycles are actually relatively safe. Not having a large frame to get tangled up in and the low speeds makes most falls fairly minor. However, it is still possible to have awkward falls and gain injuries. We teach students how to minimise risk and fall in a safe manner.