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You can do a lot on a unicycle! Performing, stunts, racing and off-road riding are just some examples of what the world of unicycling offers you.

At UnicycleSkills we are passionate about helping you achieve your full potential in your chosen discipline. Take a look at the different forms of unicycling. 


The most common form of riding is leisure unicycling. Take your unicycle to the park for a short tour, practice new skills in your garden, or just ride around the block. 

We can help you to get started, gain confidence on your unicycle and learn first tricks


In freestyle and performance unicycling, riders perform tricks to music, often involving costumes and props. Riders entertain their audience by combining creative unicycle skills with showmanship. Freestyle is the official performance discipline of unicycling, usually practised in a sports hall. Other forms of performance include unicycle shows and busking.

We can support you in your journey of becoming a performance unicyclist. Whether you would like to go professional as a performer, actively participate in freestyle competitions or just learn how to create your first unicycle routine or show, we have the right course for you.


Urban unicycling involves tricks and stunts in an urban environment. There are three different disciplines within this category: Street, Trials and Flatland.

  • Street focuses on performing tricks on urban obstacles, such as curbs, ledges, stairs and handrails.
  • Trials unicycling involves riders negotiating a difficult obstacle course consisting of technical moves like landing and riding across skinny rails and other surfaces.
  • Flatland refers to performing tricks on flat ground. From flipping and rolling over the cranks to performing difficult balance tricks, riders are encouraged to do a wide variety of skills and be innovative.

We are here to get you started in all forms of urban unicycling in a safe and motivating environment. Learn how to perform stunts and push your technical ability while keeping yourself safe. 


Track and road unicycling are all about moving fast. Distances range from short sprints on a racing track to long tours of hundreds of kilometres on roads. Road unicycling is also a fantastic way to see the world and overnight unicycle tours, called unipacking, are becoming more and more popular.

We can teach you techniques and best practices to achieve your best – and become faster.


Mountain unicycling, or MUNI, takes place on off-road terrain. Riders ride quickly down mountains or manoeuvre carefully through rocky terrain. MUNI can be done on a variety of terrain ranging from fire roads to technical single track.

We can support you in building your skills and confidence to ride your unicycle off-road. 

Ready to start your unicycling journey? 

Our experienced coaches are happy to support you on the way. You will learn faster and acquire the best technique right from the start, paving the way for long-lasting success.