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Community Events

UnicycleSkills is a community! We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to connect with other unicyclists! Therefore, we offer both  online and in-person community events, which will help you meet other unicyclists, share your experiences and have fun together!

Take a look at our upcoming events below.

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Tour of Bristol's Skateparks

Meet at Victoria Park Skatepark on 2nd October for a unicycle ride around some of Bristol's most iconic skateparks.

Past Events

Sunday 12th December 2021

Fun day out in London!

5 March 2022

Join us for a distance ride on the Bristol-Bath cycle path!

Leigh Woods Community Ride-18
12th June 2022

Join us for our distance ride from Bristol to the North Somerset Coast!

22 January 2022

First STFU London ft. UnicycleSkills ride in Brighton!

STFU London - Dec 2021-1
9th April 2022

STFU London ft. UnicycleSkills in Swansea!

5 February 2022

First off-road community ride in Leigh Woods, Bristol!

BJC Poster
12th - 17th April 2022

Join us for 6 days of games, workshops, and competitions at the British Juggling Convention.