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All of our coaches are world-class unicyclists, which have successfully competed at national and international competitions throughout their active unicycle careers. Over the years, they have acquired technical expertise and extensive knowledge about best training practices. Mike, Edd and Marie are keen to share these with you. 

Our coaching team also is also highly experienced in teaching unicycling to people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced rider, our coaches are here to support you on your unicycle journey.

Our entire coaching team is DBS-checked

Get to know our coaches:



Hi! My name is Marie and I have been unicycling for nearly two decades. I am truly passionate about the sport. Over the years, I have tried all forms of unicycling. While I enjoy all disciplines, I am happiest when I can work on new tricks and get creative. My main disciplines are flatland and freestyle riding.

I very much enjoy being an active rider, but I also love to motivate, inspire, and teach the new generation of unicyclists. That’s why I started coaching! I have over 10 years of experience teaching unicycling to individuals and groups of all ages. From beginners to high-level performance teams, I have supported numerous riders at different stages in their learning process to develop their potential. I believe that individual learning processes are highly diverse. I am here to help you find the learning style that works best for you so you can take your riding to the next level!

  • 2023 – Vice European Champion Flatland & Street
  • 2022 – Vice World Champion Flatland
  • 2020 – EUC Flatland Champion
  • 2018 – Flatland Finalist at Unicycling World Championships
  • 2018 & 2014 – 2nd Downhill Gliding Age Group, Unicycling World Championships
  • 2012 – German Small Group Freestyle Champion
  • 2011 – German Pair Freestyle Champion



Hello, I’m Mike and I’ve been riding a one wheeled bike since 2008. I like to ride Trials mostly but have a lot of fun with Flatland, Street and Muni, too. I enjoy pushing the limits of Unicycle High Jump and big power moves. Through the years I’ve set the bar for various High Jump World Records and competitions wins across the world.

The community of unicyclists with the friends I’ve met along the way have really made me who I am today. Unicycling is by far the thing that has grown me most, both physically and mentally. I love to teach others the skill of unicycling. Learning to ride is not only about the physical movements but also how you control the mind.

  • Current High Jump World Record Holder
  • 2019 – Summer EUC Platform High Jump Champion
  • 2019 & 2018 – UK Trials Champion
  • 2018 & 2016 – Platform High Jump World Champion
  • 2018, 2016 & 2014 – High Jump Over Bar World Champion



I’m Edd and I’ve been unicycling for two thirds of my life! I started off riding trials and street and later branched out into downhill. While I still love tearing up a skatepark, I am happiest riding muni. I love how it gets me out into nature, often in new places with good friends. I have been involved in organising unicycle events and competitions at all levels for over a decade, from small local rides right through to the world championships. I have run a unicycle display team and won multiple national and international competitions.

Riding has helped shape my life in such a positive way and I really love to help others discover this amazing sport too. I can use my experience to help you achieve your unicycling goals.

  • 2018 – High Jump, Long Jump & Trials Age Group World Champion
  • 2016 – Elite Downhill Finalist, World Championships
  • 2013 – UK Speed Trials Champion
  • 2013 & 2011 – UK Street Champion



Hey! Im Cameron and I’ve been riding a unicycle now for over half my life. I started riding in 2010 but started riding urban in 2012. I mainly ride Street but love to ride Trials at every opportunity.

Riding has really helped me escape the stress and pressure of my working life. It allows me to be free and creative and explore new limits. I especially enjoy getting together with the community of riders as we always push each other in ways we sometimes can’t push ourselves. I love being able to help people discover this sport and teach them the endless possibilities.

  • Unicycle.com’s youngest ever sponsored rider
  • 2 x Under 16 UK Road Race Champion
  • 2 x  Trials Vice Champion at the STFU Trials Event

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