Unicycle Academy and Community

Bristol Community

The UnicycleSkills Community has come to Bristol!

We offer a regular open practice sessions for everyone who would like to develop their unicycling skills and needs a practice space! Our UnicycleSkills Community in Bristol is organised by our coach Marie

Starting February 2022, we will have weekly community sessions at Filwood Community Centre, Barnstaple Road, Knowle West, BS4 1JP, Bristol.

When? Wednesdays, 7:45 – 9:15 PM

Cost? £5 per session, to be paid by card at the start of the session

Our session will include a joint warm-up, followed by individual practice. This is not a taught session. If you cannot ride a unicycle yet and would like advice for learning, please book one of our beginner group courses.

For more advanced riders looking to improve their skills with dedicated coaching, we will run taught skill development sessions at weekends, which will be advertised on our website soon.

We also run monthly outdoor unicycle meet-ups, which are FREE for everyone to attend. These can be open practice sessions, distance or off-road rides in and around Bristol. These events will be announces on our community events page.

Any questions? Please contact us.